Wedding Gown | Why not cut it up?!

So, you did it! You’ve married the love of your life and celebrated the night away.  Now what do you do with your wedding dress?  There are endless options – cleaned and stored away, donate, sell, or have a Trash the Dress photo shoot.  But what about repurposing the garment to create even more special memories?  The moment I found my dress I knew my “Live Creatively” way of life would apply as it has in so many other aspects of my life.

One of the most magical days was when I walked into a bridal store with my mother and saw a lace Judd Waddell wedding gown hanging on display.  Without even trying it on I said, “that’s the one” and said yes to the dress that day.  Fast forward to December 4th of 2015, I had the time of my life marrying the man I love so deeply and unconditionally.  So obviously, I knew exactly what I was going to do…. Cut It Up! Yes, you read that correctly- Cut It Up!  But let me explain because it’s not as dramatic as you might think.

In accordance with Live Creatively, I had the idea to transform my wedding dress into a beautiful baptism outfit.  For those of you thinking, “I can’t sew” – well neither can I.  What I can do is search the internet (Yelp) for an amazing seamstress.  I found one, told her my vision, and she made it into a magnificent reality.  The best part is, you can 100% tell it came from my dress.  The next best part is, she only used the top layer lace from the bottom half and six buttons so my gown is fully intact!  My seamstress even advised that I can always add another material in the future and create yet another masterpiece.  Thinking our 50th wedding vow renewal ceremony and the repurpose cycle will continue!

Whatever you decide to do, do something that will bring joy into your life.  For me, it was creating something special for my daughter Adeline and any future children (and dare I say grandchildren in the WAY future) we might have.

As Always, Live Creatively – Xoxo Joyce



9 thoughts on “Wedding Gown | Why not cut it up?!

  1. Stunning! I was going to do the same thing, but I used the same Gown my Goddaughters wore. All of the girls initials are inside the dress. Hopefully they have daughters and the tradition can continue.

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