About Me


Hi! Firstly, thank you for visiting AdJoy Studio!

My name is Joyce and I am a (North) Jersey girl currently living in Maryland with my husband Bryan, our beautiful daughter Adeline, and puppy-son Princeton.  After working in finance for eight years at a Fortune 100 company, I decided to leave the corporate world for a bit to stay home with our daughter.  I have always had a creative side but let’s face it, finance is not the industry to showcase it.  Which brings me to why I have created AdJoy.

My family has been telling me I need to explore my passion more seriously and share my creative ideas with the world.  So, in August of 2018 I finally decided to stop waiting and AdJoy came into existence.  AdJoy is derived from my daughter and my name (Adeline + Joyce) — as well as a play on words.  See, Adeline continues to add an abundant amount of joy into the lives of my husband and I (& quiet frankly, everyone she meets).  The vision of AdJoy Studio is to provide ideas to “add joy” into the lives of others through crafts, gifts, designs, photography, and more!

I hope you will follow along and I appreciate your support!

XoXo, Joyce