Decorative Knob Gallery Wall

Who said knobs are just for dressers, drawers, and cabinet doors?  For me, knobs became the perfect design element to help display four of my favorite wedding photos.

I had the perfect vision for a gallery wall – white slightly distressed frames, ropes, and black and white photography.  The idea looked perfect in my head but when I finally hung the frames, all I could focus on was the screws used to hang the rope on.  I even painted the screws the color of the wall to blend in but I could still only focus on was the screws.

That same week, I was browsing around one of my favorite local design stores call HD Marigold in Towson, MD and saw a bowl filled with various knobs.  I did not go into the store looking of a solution for the gallery wall but once laid my eyes on those knobs, I knew instantly they were the perfect accessories to complete my vision.  I love when that happens!

Do you want achieve a similar look?  All you need is a few supplies!


  • Frames
  • Knobs
    • if the knobs do not come with screws attached, you can pick up metal headless fasteners (also known as a Dowel Screw) at a hardware store
    • Bolts
  • Manila Twist Rope – Natural
  • Steel Staples
  • Staple Gun (or hammer to nail rope to back of frame)
  • Single Hole Clasp D Ring Hangers with screws
  • Optional: Drywall Anchors



  1. Measure rope to desired length and cut
  2. Carefully remove glass from the frame, turn frame over and measure/mark location for the Single Hole Clasp D Ring Hangers
  3. Screw in two ring hangers on back of frame on opposite sides
  4. Thread twisted rope through the ring holders and carefully secure to frame with the steels staples
  5. Place glass back in frame and insert photography
  6. Measure location on wall where you want the frames to hang
  7. Screw knobs onto the dowel screws and secure with bolt
  8. Drill hole into wall and insert knobs
    • Depending on how heavy the frame is and if you are hanging frame directly over the cavity section of the wall, use drywall anchors to create additional support
  9. Hang frames and you’re done!

As Always, Live Creatively – Xoxo Joyce